Cuttings: Crassula ovata (Jade plant, Money plant, Lucky plant)




Short of money? Some believe that if you have a Crassula ovata (also known as a money plant or luck plant) you’ll never be short of cash.

Beautiful house or garden plant that gets small white/pink flowers.

Crassula ovata is easy to grow in soil, but must have good drainage. It thrives in full sun or semi-shade, but will flower best in a sunny position. Don’t over water. Tolerant of drought, wind and coastal conditions. Although it comes from a frost-free environment, it should tolerate a winter minimum of -1° C but is best protected from frost to prevent the flowers from being damaged.

Three cuttings for R40 – pot for illustration only (excluded).

NOTE: Image for illustration only – product will not be identical to that in the image.